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About the competition

Are you a keen baker or budding chef? If so, then this competition is for you! 

Recipe Showdown is a fun, interactive way for our students to become the teachers!


The competition is open to all St Patrick's NS Greystones pupils and we ask that parents are on hand to supervise all cooking activities. 

How to enter

Simply send us a short video of you cooking your favourite dish!

The video along with your recipe will be published on the St Patrick's NS Greystones website along with all other entries.

When all the video's are up, two of our wonderful SNA's and Curate Rev. Rebecca Guildea of St Patrick's Church will make the difficult decision on whose recipes/videos they loved the most. 

Prize's will be awarded for: 

  • most unusual ingredients

  • best cooking demonstration

  • most interesting recipe

Video Submission Guidelines

 FebrTo ensure all submissions can easily be added to the website please read through the guidelines

  • Video should be MP4 format and be 3-5mins long in either portrait or landscape. Please stick to one format throughout.

  • Send the Video to Brigitte via WhatsApp along with your name, your class and a photo of the final dish.

  • Email the typed out recipe in the body of an email so it can be copy & pasted to recipeshowdown@gmail.com. The subject line should include child and/or recipe name. 

  • If editing your video, please do not overlay with text or music. 

  • Deadline for submission: 19 February 2021

Brigitte can be contacted on WhatsApp 087 402 7951 

If you have any questions or need further guidance please email: recipeshowdown@gmail.com

Recipe Showdown Submissions

  • A Happy Day

    Submitted by: Starling Pritchard
    Class: 3rd Class Birch

    View Recipe here: A Happy Day

  • 3 Wise King Pie

    Submitted by: Viktorie and Barbora
    Class: Senior Infants & 5th Class

    View Recipe here: 3 Wise King Pie

  • Australian Lamingtons

    Submitted by: Alana & Zach
    Class: 4th & 3rd Birch Class

    View Recipe here: Australian Lamingtons

  • Carrot Cake

    Submitted by: Sanna Rankin
    Class: 5th Class

    View Recipe here: Carrot Cake

  • Thai Green Curry

    Submitted by: Eli Hart
    Class: 3rd Class Birch

    View Recipe here: Thai Green Curry

  • Sweet Rocky Road

    Submitted by: Ella Long
    Class: 3rd Class Birch

    View Recipe here: Sweet Rocky Road

  • Queen Cakes

    Submitted by: Abbie Van Rooy
    Class: 5th Class

    View Recipe here: Queen Cakes

  • Ferraro Rocher Chocolate Puddings

    Submitted by: Chloe Long &
    Grace Lambert
    Class: 5th Class

    View Recipe here: Chocolate Puddings

  • Zero Waste
    Rainbow Salad

    Submitted by: Catherine Lowe
    Class: 4th Class Rowan

    View Recipe here: Rainbow Salad 

  • Gran's Brown Bread

    Submitted by: Adam Barry
    Class: 4th Class Rowan

    View Recipe here: Gran's Brown Bread

  • Root Vegetable Soup

    Submitted by: Adam Barry
    Class: 4th Class Rowan

    View Recipe here: Root Vegetable Soup

  • Berry Crisp (GF)

    Submitted by: Lana and Zoe Ryan
    Class: 2nd Class

    View Recipe here: Berry Crisp

  • Tuna Cutlets

    Submitted by: Jeremiah Ashish
    Class: Class

    View Recipe here: Tuna Cutlets

  • Tapioca and Beef Curry

    Submitted by: Joshua Ashish
    Class: 4th Class

    View Recipe here: Tapioca & Beef Curry

  • Lemon Zesty Cookies

    Submitted by: Anna Fulham
    Class: 3rd Class Willow

    View Recipe here: Lemon Zesty Cookies

  • Sfrappole

    Submitted by: Eva Adam
    Class: 6th Class Oak

    View Recipe here: Sfrappole

  • Marshmallow Cupcakes

    Submitted by: Amelie Langrell
    Class: 3rd Class Birch

    View Recipe here: Marshmallow Cupcakes

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