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Positive Behaviour Whole School Initiatives

At St Patrick's we are always praising and encouraging positive behaviour where possible. Please find below some of our initiatives: 

Stamp Books 

Each child has an individual Stamp Book. They will receive a stamp each day for positive behaviour. When they complete a page with 20 stamps, their teacher will give them a reward which has been carefully decided between teachers to ensure these are age appropriate e.g. bring in a teddy or a night off homework etc. 


Fuzzy Jars 

Every class will start off the term with an empty jar. Each time a child in the class shows an act of kindness they will place a fuzzy ball in the jar. The important thing is that each member of the class must put a fuzzy ball in the jar before it is full – this is to promote teamwork. Once the jar is full, the teacher will give the children a whole class reward e.g. watch a movie or extra P.E.  


Golden Book   

This book is kept in the Principal’s Office to highlight and celebrate the children’s great work, kindness, achievements etc. When nominated by the teacher (or indeed any member of staff), the children are given the opportunity to come and share this important news in the Office and we write it into our book.  


Pre-covid this was read out at our extra Friday Assembly which was introduced to share our good news and achievements with one another. This assembly is to further promote our school community ethos while build on the children’s confidence and appreciation of themselves and others. We will be introducing this again once current restrictions are lifted. 

Check out our Golden Book Awards: GOLDEN BOOK AWARDS


Reflection Sheets

Sometimes in order to discourage a particular behaviour we use Reflection Sheets.  


Should your child get a Reflection Sheet, we ask that you would take this seriously with your child and go through the steps accordingly.  

A Reflection Sheet is given out to a child following a prior warning given by a teacher when they have continued to act out with poor behaviour.  

The Teacher will decide upon the consequence applicable to the child/incidence and make the Principal aware of the incident and the consequence. The child then must go to the Principal’s Office to collect the refection sheet, discuss the incident and the consequence. The child will then return to class and fill out the form and the teacher signs it. It then goes home to parents to be signed and discussed and must be returned to the Principal the following morning. The Class Teacher will always either email or ring the parents when the Reflection Sheet is being sent home.  

Severity of the Reflection Sheet consequences increases with the amount of Reflection Sheets that have already been sent home.  

On receipt of the third Reflection Sheet, parents will be called into the school for a meeting with the Class Teacher to discuss the child’s behaviour.   


The whole reason behind the Reflection Sheet is a process of restorative practice, where the child is given the opportunity to discuss what went wrong, how it affected others, what they can do now and what they can do in the future to prevent this from happening again.  


In order for this process to work effectively, please note that we need you as the parents to understand the importance and severity of the Reflection Sheets and the process of taking time to talk through them with your child and the consequence given by the class teacher.



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