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Welcome to St Patrick's National School Greystones! 


A Brief History

While the 1838 ordinance survey map of Greystones showed a school building near the beach, in 1880 a new schoolhouse was built in La Touche Place, Greystones.  The old school then became the teacher’s  residence. This 2-classroom building continued as our parish school until its relocation to a 4-classroom building on the present site in 1975.


The school was extended in 1990, and by 1992 the school population had grown sufficiently to require temporary accommodation.  During 2006/2007, extensive refurbishment and development was undertaken, and a further extension in 2013 added extra classrooms in an exciting new building that was designed and developed to maximise energy efficiency.

Our school now has 10 classrooms, 4 SET classrooms, School Hall (with resources to support Sports, Music and Drama activities), Library, Computer Room, Quiet Room (used for First-Aid, meetings, etc), Staff Room, offices and ancillary rooms. 

Old School Pic.jpg

Our Logo

Our current logo was designed by a pupil in 6th Class in 1998, as part of a whole-school competition. 


The Tree of Life and the Window of Opportunity

                                                     by Noss Clyne-Kelly (1998)

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