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The Amber Flag Committee are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Amber Flag for Wellbeing. We couldn't have done it without the wonderful support and positivity from the students and staff of St. Patrick's. We are delighted to say that Niall Breslin, an advocate for Wellbeing & Mental Health, raised our flag on 9th June 2021 & celebrated this great success with us. He took time out to answer any questions from the children, signed some of his books, officially opened our Sensory Room and we even got him to design a feather for the whole school art project. 


 We look forward to seeing the flag flying high outside our school. 


A message from the Pieta Amber Flag team: 

“We would like to thank you and your Amber Flag Committee for continuing to promote positive mental health this year despite all the barriers you had to face. By achieving the Amber Flag this year, it really is a testament to the importance you have placed on mental health and well-being. We hope that you can look back on your achievements throughout the year and be grateful of the time you spent together and the goals you've accomplished!”. 

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“If I had wings” – ceramic wall piece

Genevieve Harden is finishing a child led whole school art project which began last year which involves every child & staff member designing a clay feather. It is a ceramic wall piece called “If I had wings”. The set of wings allow the children to imagine a life of possibilities…..”if life was full of possibilities, what would they do…how would they be”. It is currently being fired and we will display pictures when completed. 

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