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After school activities

After-school activities are a great way for kids to dip their toes in something new in a safe, fun place. 

What do Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates have in common in their educational background? No, they didn’t all go to Ivy League universities – but they all went to technology summer camps or after-school activities. 

There’s an after-school activity for your child, no matter their age or interests. 

All the providers phone numbers and email addresses are on the schedule. Please contact them directly to reserve/book your children's places and arrange payment etc. 


The procedure for the pickup and collection to and from after school activities for Jnr/Snr Infants.

  • Teachers will have a list of names of what Jnr/Snr Infants are doing what activity.

  • Coach will collect the Jnr/Snr Infants from their classroom at 1pm. 

  • Coach will bring Jnr/Snr Infants to the gate just before 2pm to meet their parents.    

Procedure for collection of 1st to 6th Class children they will make their own way to the activity and will be brought to the gate by coach at the end of the activity to meet their parents outside or at the church carpark.    

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