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Internet Safety

Our children should understand the facts about their online digital footprint and appreciate its consequences. 

What goes online STAYS online - forever…


  • Children need support to understand what information they should and should not post online (including potentially embarrassing photographs of themselves or their friends; phone number(s); home address and location; e-mail addresses; passwords).


  • Talk to your child about using the internet (the where, when and what of access) on-line bullying & harassment (block the sender and tell a responsible adult)


  • Check out Webwise, and become familiar with on-line programmes, apps and websites such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp,  Minecraft, etc. so that you understand what your child can do in the virtual world and how they can stay safe.


  • If your child talks to you about an on-line bullying problem, discuss the appropriate action that must be taken and follow through with it.

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