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Our Aim

At St Patrick’s National School, we aim to provide a safe, caring, happy and ordered environment where children’s self-esteem, self-confidence, initiative and innovation can be nurtured within an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation.

Teachers, in partnership with the parents and the Board of Management, are committed to providing education of the highest quality for all the children in their care. 

Through the Primary School Curriculum, we aim:

  • to encourage the children to reach their full educational potential;

  • to encourage the children to be active in their own learning;

  • to constantly monitor and assess pupils’ achievement and to maintain regular parent/teacher contact;

  • to cultivate children’s individual talents and interests;

  • to give particular care and attention to children’s additional needs, and to provide the maximum possible attention and support;

  • to develop an understanding and appreciation of the moral, spiritual, religious, social and cultural values which shape our society, and to promote respect for such values;

  • to nurture an awareness of national and European heritage, allowing the children to develop a deep sense of Irish identity within a European and worldwide context;

  • to welcome children from other cultural backgrounds, and to respect and celebrate cultural and linguistic differences;

  • to actively encourage children to care for themselves, their families and friends and their environment, placing priority on the development of a sense of personal and shared responsibility.

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