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2nd Class Update

Contributor: Sam Donohoe

2nd Class Holly have worked hard this term, working especially hard to learn about the needs of people in the world around us.

They learned about Helen Keller and the amazing contributions she made for the deaf community and brought them courage and hope.

Following this, they wrote their name in braille and created their own braille name card for the classroom. As well as this, they had an exciting visit via zoom from Jenny, a sign language teacher. She taught them all how to say everyday phrases like 'hello', 'how are you?', 'I am good, excellent and ok' and their names. She also taught them how to say its nice to meet you and 'would you like to play (and showed them signs for plenty of activities they might be playing)?'.

2nd Class also took a trip to the Warnocks house for a picnic! They had a great day out playing games, having competitions and exploring their beautiful garden.


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