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We are lucky to live in a in a multicultural society and this presents us with a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and celebrate their festivities.  Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the "festival of colours".  In fact, it is probably is the most colourful festival in the world!  

Holi celebrates the arrival of spring, the end of winter, the blossoming of love, and for many it's a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships and it signifies the triumph of good over evil.

During the day of Holi in India (March 29th 2021), it doesn’t matter what your caste, creed, or religion is. On this day, Indian people come together as one as they throw coloured powder and water through the air. When everyone is covered with the colours of the rainbow, their skin, hair, and clothing look the same creating a feeling of inclusiveness. Holi is a time for people to let go of prejudices, creeds, castes, and discrimination. The vibrant colours of Holi represent love.

Here’s everything you need to about Holi 

Holi Get Involved

Get the Easter holidays off to a flying start!

Yes it’s that simple!  Order an Indian takeaway from Chakra (for Friday 26 and Saturday 27) and/or Daata (for Sunday 28th and Monday 29th – note you must order in advance for Daata) and 10% of the value of your order will be refunded back to the School directly!

Holi Competition

All competitions closing deadline is 11th April


Holi Meal Receipt Draw

Email submission

Email a photo of your receipt to:   Don’t forget to write your phone number somewhere on the receipt so that if you are  a winner we can contact you.

Most Colourful Dressed Family


Pull out your crazy coloured sweater and tie-dyed skirts!

The winner of the Most Colourful Dressed Family will receive a €20 Indian Spice voucher!

Email your entry to: 

Dressing Up Dad
Color Festival

Holi Colour Competition

Our vibrant Holi Festival colouring competition is a sure-fire way to keep your little ones busy, and colour crazy! 

Age 5 -7 years colour in the picture here 

Age 8-10 year colour In the picture here 

Age 10 -12 year, create and design your own Indian Styled Elephant. See example here.

The winners will receive Stationery packs. Sponsored by Perfect Stationery.
Email your entry to 

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Mighty Little Bheem: Festival of Colors



2016 PG 2h40m Netflix

Based on a true story, a father’s dream of winning gold in the Commonwealth games for wrestling ends and the likelihood of his wife having a boy to continue on his dream become more and more slim. This heart warming story about cultural struggles, 
determination and girl power is a must watch for all the family.

Jungle Book 1.jpg

Jungle Book 1

Jungle Book 2

2003 U 1h12m Disney+

Mowgli must decide whether to live in the village or the jungle.

2020 U Collection Netflix

From surprising stage performances to 
spraying colors with friends, join baby Bheem for all his Holi hijinks during the special spring 
festival. Definitely for the younger end of the school.


Bollywood is the Indian Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai. Bollywood is one of the largest centres of film production in the world. In 2001 ticket sales, Indian cinema (including Bollywood) reportedly sold an estimated 3.6 billion tickets worldwide, compared to Hollywood's 2.6 billion tickets sold. The most popular commercial genre in Bollywood since the 1970s has been the masala film, which freely mixes different genres including action, comedy, romance, drama and melodrama along with musical numbers. 

Here are a few family movies to watch on Holi! 
Researched and Reviewed by the Owens Family

1967 U 1h15m Disney+

Rudyard Kiplings

timeless story is

one of the all-time family favourites.


The festival of Holi demonstrates love and affection towards the people we care about. It is like a family reunion for all of us, where relatives nearby or far get together and celebrate the colors of Holi.


But when it’s over everyone feels tired and this is when a cup of tea which when sipped slowly brings back the drained energy and enthusiasm to everyone. Made with love, care and added sweetness, a cup of tea nourishes the body and soul. 


Holi arts and crafts activities to do at home with your family.

Holi Indian Kitchen
Holi Movies
Holi Crafts
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