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Stormy Days & Birch Trees

3rd class Birch have been very busy showing off their artistic skills.

Stormy Day pictures with trees inspired by the artist Gustav Klimt

We took inspiration from Gustav Klimt and experimented with drawing trees in the style of Klimt. We also added another stormy element to our pictures by drawing houses leaning to one side as though they are bending in the wind. If you look closely at our pictures you might see some of the little details we have added (including animals being blown in the wind and you might even spot some people caught in a gust of wind!) Once we finished drawing, we used a Watercolour wash to finish off our pictures and give them a stormy effect.

Birch Trees

We felt Birch tree paintings were the perfect fit for 3rd Class Birch!

We have been learning about warm and cool colours and painted backgrounds for our pictures using these colours. We then added some silver birch tree trunks to our pictures and spent a lot of time carefully drawing on the detail to the tree trunks.

Contributors: Karen McCormick & 3rd Class


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