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Some Keys to Literacy for Junior Infants

Contributor: G Sheil (SET)

Once the children have been introduced to the majority of the Jolly Phonics sounds, they can be enabled to make their own words/spell. You can use magnetic letters or make the letters out of playdough. Preparation for this stage is also achieved by playing lots of “I Spy” to help the children hear initial/final/middle sounds of words.

Help your child to think of a word and break it down into its components. Make the appropriate letters and help your child to place them in the right order.

Sometimes what appears will not be in accordance with the conventional rules of spelling (eg ‘c’ for ‘k’ in ‘shark’ in the image. This does not matter. The whole aim of this stage is to encourage the children to express their thoughts in a graphic form and should not be expected to read them back.

At this age, children are constantly exploring language and extending their vocabulary. Stories, nursery rhymes, news, naming things are some of the many things you can do with your child which do not require materials or to be done at the kitchen table! The more mindful you are of increasing your child’s vocabulary, the stronger his/her literacy skills will be.


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