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Golden Book Awards

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Contributor: Ms Harper

Josh, Sophie, Kanav and Isabella, 4th Class - All of 4th class have been super but I have noticed a few pupils working exceptionally hard and giving their full effort to every task I set. They have also been very engaged during our zoom classes. Ms Murphy

Jessica, Lauren, Fionnuala and Ava, 2nd Hazel - For their contribution to our ZOOM meetings. They attend every ZOOM session punctually and are always ready with whatever materials I have specified to have to hand. They listen carefully to others and mute and unmute themselves exactly as directed to offer their own contribution, speaking confidently and concisely. Their flawless behaviour extends to letting me know if I'm 'glitching' (our new word!) or I've forgotten to share the sound on a video screen. This they do assertively and politely. Ms Morgan

Fionn, 2nd Hazel - In addition to his impeccable behaviour online, he has diligently uploaded everything asked of him to his SEESAW account and is making super progress in particular through his reading outload as Gaeilge gach lá. Ms Morgan

Sofia-Lily, 2nd Hazel - For her insatiable enthusiasm for home learning. She seems unstoppable at present! In addition to her worklists, she is producing artwork to encourage anyone passing her door to 'Save Our Planet' and is undertaking the Write a Book project too. Her good humour is infectious online! Ms Morgan

Clara, Senior Infants - for working so enthusiastically every day and being very creative in her activities at home. She followed a suggestion I gave the class to try out 'tea and coffee painting'...she created a picture which then inspired her to write a little poem with her dad (which includes rhyming words and we were doing rhyming words a couple of weeks ago). Ms Morrissey

Freya and Reuben, 6th Ash - Both have been very active and engaging on the online learning. They put so much thought and creativity into their work that it should be acknowledged. Not only that, they are always so kind and helpful to their classmates. They are a pleasure to teach. Ms O'Connor

Matilda, 3rd Birch - We are so pleased with all of her hard work over the past week and a half. She has been engaging so well in her Zoom lessons and has been such a pleasure to teach. Ms McCormick & Ms Bedell

Ellie and Bogdan, 1st Class - They have been fabulous so far and are really active participants on every zoom call. I think it would be really nice to acknowledge this. Bernie had also noticed how brilliant they are each morning on the call. Ms Flynn

Cian, 6th Oak - a phenomenal project on the Finnish festival Ukon Juhla for History. He really did an exceptional job and I'm looking forward to him presenting it to the class when we are back in school. Ms Regan

Due to current online schooling, we decided to celebrate the Golden Book achievements here on the blog. We are very proud of all the entrants.

Keep up the great work!


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