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4th class Willow

4th Class have been reading the novel ‘The Boy at the back of the classroom’ by Onjali Q. Raúf. The novel is about a boy who has fled Syria for a better life in the UK. In Geography, the children worked in groups to create projects focusing on different aspects of Syria (culture, refugee crisis, climate, geography and history). In Art, the children drew an eye with a reflection of life in Syria during troubled times.

Ms O’Neill

4th Class Willow and Birch collected some items for the ‘Bridging the Gap’ which is a direct provision centre in Bray. The items we gave included: toiletries, suitcases, books, stationery, and treats. Jennifer very kindly met with Bernadette D’Arcy outside the centre and gave her our donations. Everyone was so grateful. Thank you to everyone in 4th Class Willow and Birch for your generous donations.

By Kate Martin and Juliette Hyland 4th Willow.


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