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Golden Book Awards

2021-2022 Awards

Georgia  & Adam 5th Class in particular for their insightful comments in Science during this week. They engaged really well with the Teagasc webinar on Friday along with the whole class participating fully in getting the school garden winter ready on Thursday. Ms Morgan (Nov 2021)

Jamie, Lilla and Lydia in 1st Class Larch -  for the most beautiful handwriting in their copybooks. They worked hard to unjumble these sentences and then took their time writing them out. They have also done incredible autumn pictures. Well done and keep up this amazing work!! Miss Flynn is so proud of you. 

Isabelle Johnston - As part of homework, they had to answer the question 'What do you think would happen next' and she wrote a long and descriptive ending to the story that went above and beyond the required answer. 

6th Class - I just wanted to pass along some positive feedback about 6th class from their recent visit to Temple Carrig to see the play. The staff that were in attendance during the play were very complementary about their behaviour and how engaged they were while watching the show. Deborah Crean, Deputy Principal Temple Carrig

Amelie Van Roy and Juliette Hyland for working incredibly hard so far this year and always giving their best effort in school. Rosie O'Neill


Sebastian Lindsay

Laura Devlin

Rory Page

Issabelle Johnston 

Laura brought in a recipe for Anabel and as a treat for the class this group baked lovely Apple and Blackberry muffins using Anabel's homegrown organic apples and some handpicked blackberries too. They also helped to clean everything up in the kitchen afterwards. See recipe here Sinéad Regan 

Junior Infants Ash for their amazing Gaeilge! 

Ms Bedell.


Elizabeth Lewis in Senior infants for doing fabulous work in her homework scrapbook. Ms Morrisey


Harry Clery in 5th class for his incredible efforts to write independently ‘as Gaelige’. Ms Morgan


Isabelle Shevlin 5th class for her Gaeilge ó Bhéal, excellent work well done. Ms Morgan

Conor 6th Class - for showing kindness and helping the younger children with their bikes in the bike shed this morning and standing up the bikes that had fallen over, all on his own initiative. Dee Sept 2021

Blaise 6th Class - for exceptional vocabulary used in his homework. He answered a question about why a character is likable by describing him as 'endearingly ignorant'! Ms Regan Sept 2021


Fred 5th Class - Numerous children came to me this week about his kindness - not typically his friends. I told Fred I would be nominating him for the Golden Book with 'For numerous kind acts since the start of Rang a Cú helping and waiting for a classmate and also him staying back and doing all the washing up of paint palettes this afternoon following art when we painted our clay pots. Ms Morgan Sept 2021

2020-2021 Awards

Tehya, 1st Class: Amazing work on climate change for Earth Day. I am so impressed Ms Flynn

Hugo, 1st Class : for coming back to school with such a positive attitude and completing all that is asked of him. Also, for a huge improvement to his writing, not only his handwriting but also the amount of work he is producing. (See two images for comparison!) Rachel Flynn

Tehya, 1st Class: for making such a huge effort to work independently on every task assigned to her. She has produced some incredible comprehension since returning to school and should be very proud of herself. Rachel Flynn

William, Ba mhaith liom William Walsh a mhol don leabhar speisialta le haghaidh a dea-iarracht an teanga Gaeilge a fhoghlaim. Since joining our school from America in October, he has listened carefully and soaked up every opportunity to learn our language. While at home, himself and his sister helped each other as he counted every day. He completed his written exercises perfectly and read his work out loud, having a go at words he most likely had never even heard, let alone read.  Maith thú William!!! Wendy Morgan

John and Alma - 3rd Birch - for their persuasive letters. Both letters were beautifully written and their arguments were very convincing. Ms McCormick

Fiabelle, 2nd Class Hazel - for her incredible effort on her Write-a-Book entry. I have had the pleasure of listening to Fiabelle's wonderful story develop over the last few weeks. Not only has she produced an extremely competent book, she has also demonstrated her amazing computer skills by screen-sharing and editing her work over Zoom with me. Well done Fiabelle, you should be very proud of yourself. Anabel  

Hector, 6th Ash - for not only working consistently hard this term, but for keeping us amused on Zoom with his contributions of fun facts, jokes and unusual name tags before the lessons begin. We may groan at some of them, but all appreciate you waking us up with a smile every morning! Anabel

Zoe, 2nd Class Hazel - For her very expressive reading of the BFG.
Ms Morgan. View the video here: BFG

Josh, Sophie, Kanav and Isabella, 4th Class - All of 4th class have been super but I have noticed a few pupils working exceptionally hard and giving their full effort to every task I set. They have also been very engaged during our zoom classes. Ms Murphy


Jessica, Lauren, Fionnuala and Ava, 2nd Hazel - For their contribution to our ZOOM meetings. They attend every ZOOM session punctually and are always ready with whatever materials I have specified to have to hand. They listen carefully to others and mute and unmute themselves exactly as directed to offer their own contribution, speaking confidently and concisely. Their flawless behaviour extends to letting me know if I'm 'glitching' (our new word!) or I've forgotten to share the sound on a video screen. This they do assertively and politely. Ms Morgan

Fionn, 2nd Hazel - In addition to his impeccable behaviour online, he has diligently uploaded everything asked of him to his SEESAW account and is making super progress in particular through his reading outload as Gaeilge gach lá. Ms Morgan

Sofia-Lily, 2nd Hazel - For her insatiable enthusiasm for home learning. She seems unstoppable at present!  In addition to her worklists, she is producing artwork to encourage anyone passing her door to 'Save Our Planet' and is undertaking the Write a Book project too. Her good humour is infectious online! Ms Morgan

Clara, Senior Infants - for working so enthusiastically every day and being very creative in her activities at home. She followed a suggestion I gave the class to try out 'tea and coffee painting'...she created a picture which then inspired her to write a little poem with her dad (which includes rhyming words and we were doing rhyming words a couple of weeks ago). Ms Morrissey

Freya and Reuben, 6th Ash - Both have been very active and engaging on the online learning. They put so much thought and creativity into their work that it should be acknowledged. Not only that, they are always so kind and helpful to their classmates. They are a pleasure to teach. Ms O'Connor

Matilda, 3rd Birch - We are so pleased with all of her hard work over the past week and a half. She has been engaging so well in her Zoom lessons and has been such a pleasure to teach. Ms McCormick & Ms Bedell

Ellie and Bogdan, 1st Class - They have been fabulous so far and are really active participants on every zoom call. I think it would be really nice to acknowledge this. Bernie had also noticed how brilliant they are each morning on the call. Ms Flynn

Cian, 6th Oak - a phenomenal project on the Finnish festival Ukon Juhla for History. He really did an exceptional job and I'm looking forward to him presenting it to the class when we are back in school. Ms Regan