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Whole School Initiatives

As always, we are praising and encouraging positive behaviour where possible. As a school we have decided to implement a few things in order to further promote this. Please support us by asking your child about these initiatives and encouraging them.


Stamp Books

Each child receives a new stamp book at the start of each year. They will get a stamp each day for positive behaviour. When they complete a page with 20 stamps, their teacher will give them a reward which has been carefully decided between teachers to ensure these are age appropriate e.g. bring in a teddy or a homework pass etc.


Fuzzy Jars

Every class starts of the new year with an empty jar. When a child in the class shows an act of kindness to their peers or someone in the school community, the teacher will highlight this and praise the child and will place a fuzzy ball in the jar. The important thing is that each member of the class has to have a fuzzy ball of their own placed in the jar before it is full - this is to promote team work. Once the jar is full, it will be announced at assembly and the teacher will give the children a whole class reward i.e. choose a whole class activity of their choice e.g. watch a movie or extra PE. 


Ms Harper's Golden Book

This book is to highlight and celebrate the children's great work, kindness, achievements etc. When nominated by their teachers, the children are given the opportunity to come and share this important news in the Office and we write it into our book. This is read out at our Friday assembly each week. The children have taken a special interest and pride in this.

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