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Welcome back

I trust that everyone is settling in well into their new classes. I have to say that the children have got back into the swing of things very quickly. I want to give a special mention to our new Junior Infants who have come in everyday from the gate by themselves also. They have blown us away with their bravery, independence and smiley faces.

Please keep an eye on your Aladdin Connect Noticeboard for any news and information, such as the timetable for the Homework Meetings Timetable sent out today.

During the Summer we had to remove some trees for health and safety reasons, but thanks to Billy Markham we now have a lovely seating area for 6th Class and a few mushrooms popping up, which the kids seem to love.

The children are all out enjoying the sunshine here at breaktime, which is lovely to see.

Kind regards

Rachel Harper - Principal


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