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Wearing masks in school

When I heard that I had to wear a mask at school, I flipped out. I asked why? Why? Why do I have to wear a mask? I got a head-ache and felt a little bit sick thinking about it.

I wore a Star Wars face-mask, worried that others might think I was a fan. Actually no-one cared. I don’t feel too bad now, except that my glasses get foggy. I get sweaty because the moisture behind the mask makes my lips hot.

I don’t feel flipped-out anymore. I didn’t like it at first but I’m getting used to it. Every now and then, I need to take a breather, and I have to take it off.

I feel annoyed that I have to wear a mask at school for the next few weeks but we all have to do it. I’m happy that I won’t have to wear one at Christmas, because I will not be at school.

Matilda is a pupil with SEN, for whom the pandemic has been particularly difficult. I am very proud of her for expressing her feelings so clearly and for being a voice for others who feel the same way. G Sheil (SET)


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