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Tasty X-Rays

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Between science week and learning about our bodies, 2nd class Holly have been busy.

During the week we have done experiments on sound and senses. We also carried out an experiment to test which was the dominant side of our body. We explored our 5 senses, doing experiments exploring our sense of touch, smell and taste. In particular, the taste test went down a treat! We created a word wall to store all the words we used to describe the feeling, smell and taste of the items.

As well as that we learned about Marie Curie and all the wonderful things she has done. We created flipcharts to highlight the important stages and achievements in her life. This led us to learn about the human body and our bones.

The children created their own life-size skeleton as well as their own X-ray spaghetti bone bodies.

Contributors: Sam Donohoe


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