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School Life in 2nd Holly

2nd class Holly has been settling into school life very well. I'm so impressed by their patience and understanding regarding the new COVID rules. During September we spent a lot of time focusing on our mental health and wellbeing. We reminisced on all the positive aspects quarantine brought into our lives. We spoke about how a dark and dreary day filled with clouds and rain can bring a bright, beautiful rainbow to our skies. We compared this to our experiences during the lockdown. Although scary and dark some days, there were plenty of positives to it as well. Many included more time with family, a lie in each morning, activities outside, visiting places around Ireland and a chance to reset themselves.

We created rainbows for our classroom during the first week, to remind us of this time in a positive light. These rainbows remind us of all the positive things that happened during the lockdown and brighten up our classroom!


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