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Our November Gardening

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

On Tuesday 3rd November, Ms Sheil and I took out the last of the corn, and dumped it onto the compost heap.

The garden committee are storing plants in the polytunnel that cannot survive in the cold weather.

Both 3rd classes have planted allium bulbs in pots, which will flower in the Spring.

We are planning to install a bee-home in the Sensory Garden, next to the pond (in this way no-one will get stung).

Hollie Fenton from 6th class Ash has been working in the Sensory Garden with Anabel. Together they have weeded and trimmed back the old growth. Hollie has researched different sensory plants, and is now designing a new layout. The plan includes flowers of different colours, varying heights, and ones that bloom throughout the year.


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