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Guided Reading books!

We are delighted to share that we have a brand new set of Guided Reading books for the school. The mix of Engage Literacy and Collins Big Cat readers have been funded by the PTA and the board.

These books will be used across the whole school for all children to read. We have six titles of each books which means teachers can read with the children in groups much more easily.

Currently, we are setting up targeted Guided Reading Interventions in most classes. These classes will have an SET and their class teacher running Literacy stations daily.

First Class Larch, Second Class, Fourth Class Willow and Sixth Class are the first classes to start and the children are really enjoying the variety in the books. More classes will be starting guided reading after Easter time.

We’re all very excited about the opportunity to grow in our love of books and reading. A HUGE thank you to the PTA and Board of Management for funding this exciting new initiative!

Contributor: Jessica Boland


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