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Gavin Glynn Foundation

The Gavin Glynn Foundation was set up after a little boy by the name of Gavin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at 18-months-old. John and Jayne vowed to never give up hope and help Gavin fight for his life.

The Gavin Glynn Foundation exists to facilitate others on the same journey. It goes to the ends of the earth to keep hope alive by facilitating other families in Ireland with the tools they need to seek international healthcare services.

The Gavin Glynn Foundation has helped organise and cover the cost of 610 hotels stays, 390 flights, 564 car transfers and 22 apartment rentals - but with approximately 220 newly diagnosed cases of childhood cancer every year in Ireland, which is roughly four new children each week and up to 18 of these children needing to travel overseas every year for specialist cancer treatment, the Gavin Glynn Foundation needs all the help it can get to keep helping families seek international healthcare services like second opinions as well as taking care of logistics and finances associated with traveling to another country for specialist cancer treatment.


To make a donation to the Gavin Glynn Foundation visit:

Here at St Patricks we have had a long standing relationship with the Gavin Glynn Foundation. From the beginning we took a very active role in raising funds and supporting this charity which is very close to all our hearts. An example of how we have helped has been when our previous school principal, Eileen Jackson, dyed her hair a very vibrant shade of pink. We also held a very successful "Going Gold for Gavin" fundraiser. Other activities have also contributed their funds to the charity over the years.

Irish Blood Transfusion Services

To continue our support to the Gavin Glynn Foundation we decided to host a Blood Donation Clinic run by the Irish Blood Transfusion Services.  

The Clinic made a real difference to our local community as now everyone in Greystones could attend a Blood Donation Clinic close to home. We were delighted and privileged to be apart of this much needed cause.  The clinic was held on 20th April 2020  from 5.00pm – 8.30pm.

The citizens of Greystones banned together and kept the IBTS team busy throughout the clinic! Thank you to everyone who helped arrange the clinic and to all those that donated blood! 

We hope to continue hosting clinics at our school in the future!

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service supply over 50 hospitals throughout Ireland 365 days a year. They need 3,000 units of blood a week and hold Mobile Clinics in over 250 locations nationwide.   

  •  1 in 4 people will need a blood transfusion at some stage of their lives

  • Only 3% of the population donate blood

  • The shelf life of blood is only 35 days, but for neo-natals it is only 5.

  •  Jaundice – yes you can donate if you had jaundice up until you were 13 years of age.

  • vCJD – deferral  has been lifted for anyone living in the UK between 1980 – 1996

  • Medication – we accept some medications please contact us if you have a query

  • Exercise – most regular Donors can give blood after exercise once well rested and well hydrated and have given previously without any ill effects. 


For any queries you can phone 1850 731137 or do our eligibility quiz

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