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PLEASE NOTE: This is not an application form and does not form part of the selection process for admission to St Patrick’s National School. The school will make a record of parents wishing to apply for enrolment of their child/ren, and will post application forms to them at the appropriate time.
All sections must be fully completed.
Mothers Details
Fathers Details
This Notification of Intention to Apply form will be kept in a secure file in St Patrick’s National School and will be used for no other purpose than that stated above. The information included in this form will only be accessed by relevant and authorised staff and Board of Management members.
The school’s Enrolment Policy for the current year is available for inspection at the school and on the school web site. This policy is subject to regular amendment. The policy current at the time of completion of a full Enrolment Application Form will be that which governs the allocation of places within the school for that school year.
I/We wish to give notice of our intention to apply for enrolment in respect of
to St Patrick’s National School, Greystones, County Wicklow, in accordance with the foregoing information and request that an application form be sent to me/us at the appropriate time.
I/We understand that this notification places the applicant pupil on a list of those requiring an enrolment application form for the stated term and year. I/We understand that this notification does not offer any preferment to the applicant pupil and does not guarantee any place for him/her either for the term and year requested or for any other term or year. I/We understand that it is my/our responsibility to communicate to the school any change in our correspondence address.

Thanks for submitting!

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