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Welcome to St Patrick's School!

I’d like to welcome you to our site on behalf of all our team. Our school is child-centred and welcoming for all of our pupils. A place where they can feel safe, happy and encouraged to learn and to enjoy their school experience. We celebrate and nurture their individual and unique talents to ensure they get the most from their primary education.

We have a lot of information available here, including current guidelines and policies, if you have any further queries please

contact us, we’re here to help.

Early Intervention Special Class

Patrick’s National School has been sanctioned for an Early Intervention Special Class for Autistic Students since September 2023 in line with the Department of Education and Skills criteria.


This class is intended to meet the needs of students with complex and severe educational needs arising from their diagnosis of ASD. It is intended for students who have a diagnosis of ASD meeting DSM IV/V or ICD-10 diagnosis criteria and is for all students who meet the criteria irrespective of cognitive ability.


This early intervention special class for ASD will have a maximum of six pupils and is staffed with one teaching post and two special needs assistants per class of six.

To find out more about our enrolment process please click here.


Please click here for our application form.

Deadline for applications is Monday 4th March 2024.


The School uses Aladdin Connect for collection of School related monies (Administration Fee, Voluntary Contributions, Tours etc.), End of Year Reports, book Parent/Teacher meetings & Absentee communications. 

Please ensure you have registered & downloaded the APP.

Email if you require any assistance.

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